It is conceivable based on current trends that someday soon we’ll have full individual gene mapping available for under $100 and possibly covered by Medicare. 

This will bring tremendous benefits on early detection and treatment of previously terminal medical conditions. 

It may also give rise to new opportunities within the Pharmaceutical industry as 1:1 treatment plans are created and manufactured for your individual gene sequence.  On that day…there will be very personal questions we will need to answer…such as do you want to know if you have a then incurable terminal condition?   Society will also have to again weigh the medical & healthcare cost benefits, against patient privacy rights?

Taking this thinking one step further…what if that same disease, now known to you, could be eliminated from your yet to be born child if their Gene sequence was altered?  As ethical boundaries are pushed not just by human thinking but also by technological advancement…where will society draw new boundaries to balance the benefits with the potential for misuse.

  • Planned research
  • Project duration: 6-12 months
  • Commencement: 2019

We’re in the early phase of design of this research agenda, thus there are tremendous opportunities for new partners to join and influence the scope of the question sets. Please contact us to get involved.

Think about it

This area of scientific endeavour takes society and business well beyond the much anticipated economic impacts, down a path riddled with pitfalls as we will flirt with our current privacy, ethical & moral societal boundaries.

  • China is now using Crispr-edited cells in living, breathing human beings. Is this the new space race...the race to edit humans?
  • If new genes that wipe out malaria also make mosquitoes go extinct, what will bats eat?
  • Current gene-editing techniques could lead to designer babies, invasive mutants and species-specific bioweapons. It brings with it an all new playbook... but no one knows what the rules are--or who will be the first to break them.

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