3rd Horizon Thinking

The Navegar Institute is an independent, non-profit research institute established to research and assess the economic, societal, legal and government policy implications of disruptive technologies in Australia.

We are taking action to prepare, protect and advance the social & public welfare of Australia in the face of this unprecedented technological transformation across industry, government and the community. As we balance the benefits of these technologies with the potential for misuse, technology, not human thinking, will push and test our current boundaries.

We will be undertaking, publishing and promoting research into social and workforce implications of technological advancement and developing public policy position papers and recommendations to the Commonwealth to prepare for long term impacts of technological transformation, including recommendations to industry & the education system.

We're playing a long game here… harnessing the technologies of today & tomorrow to understand and address the impacts over the next 30 years and beyond. Addressing the concerns of the community and providing Australians the opportunity to “get ahead” of these impacts.

Our ultimate mission is for the betterment of Australia – to not only avoid unnecessary job losses & displacement but also identify new global market opportunities.


The technological transformation ahead of Australia brings great opportunity but also great disruption to industry, the economy and the workforce.

With an estimated 4-5 million jobs in Australia at risk thanks to technological automation alone, we need to understand the impact on these advances across social, legal, regulatory and political landscapes - especially at a time when Industry and most policy making & discussion is focused on short term horizons.

Automation has been estimated to impact 40% of the Australian workforce over the next 10-15 years and recent research in Europe suggest that outright job replacement could be as high as 12%. Applying these estimates to the Australian economy and there is a potential upside of up to $22b in new revenues from new industries but also the potential downside of shifting $120b in salaries to automation.

Why there's never been a more vital time for the Institute's work


We fund and partner to bring the best minds from research endeavours, industry & not for profit, to examine the possible futures technology may bring, and their impact on society and the economy.

We will engage a multidisciplinary research team to represent not only the technology but the social, regulatory and economic side of the equation.

The Institute and its research committee will contract one or more Research / Industry / NFP entities aligned with the Research Agenda to contribute to the research effort based on their specific area of expertise.

This will not just be a matter of imagining the future of technological advancements, but will apply a broad, data-driven, pragmatic approach to both the analysis and the policy recommendations.

Meet the Institute's Executive Team